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Radon Mitigation

Radon mitigation systems are meant to be effective systems that reduce the risk of radon entry into your home. We utilize sub-slab and sub-membrane depressurization systems – the only way to effectively reduce radon levels in your home. These systems utilize a radon barrier that isolates the interior of your home from the radon laden soil at the foundation level. A radon mitigation specific turbine-style fan is used to create a vacuum below that radon barrier to collect the gas into the radon mitigation system plumbing and exhaust the radon over the roof into the atmosphere, where it is quickly diluted and harmless. Although the method for removing radon is straightforward, all radon mitigation systems are not the same, and not all suggested radon mitigation systems abide by EPA protocols. Every radon mitigation system installed by Affordable Radon Mitigation is a custom-designed, engineered system to maximize radon reducing results while abiding by the latest EPA protocols.

Included in the scope of work is a post-mitigation radon measurement, including a Radon Measurement Report showing the results of the installed radon mitigation system. We guarantee post-mitigation radon levels below 4.0 pCi/L.

We offer a direct 5-year warranty on all components of the radon mitigation. If any component of the installed mitigation system ceases to function or perform per manufacturer’s specifications, we will immediately replace that component with a new component from our stock, and handle the warranty communication, paperwork, labor, shipping, and questions. You will get an immediate, new replacement component whether the manufacturer honors its warranty with us or not.

We also offer a 5-year performance guarantee.